Thursday, April 17, 2008

Snake tracker

This is still in process, but probably close to being finished.


Dego said...

your pictures are really awesome, you have future. great work.

keep working.
from Lima, Peru.

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Dave said...

If I may make a suggestion, I think that having the snake interact with the environment might make the painting more dynamic. I think just adding his body rolling over a large piece of rubble form the temple would tie the snake into the environment and also enforce the age of the ruins. I am also not sure about the placement of the snake, it is right in the center of the piece, I think that moving it to the left a bit would help move the eye around and not make it so obvious where the snake is. I feel like we the viewer should have to do a bit more "snake hunting". Last thing I think having the hunter kneel, in a "tracker stance" might look good. Dispute my ramblings I have complete faith that the final version will be bad ass!

Also if you did it in vector it would look even better ;)

Yukiko Adachi said...

You are ridiculous.

Tom Schmuck said...

i love the kind of jurassic park vibe, very fun.