Monday, April 21, 2008

Industrial Design of the Week #68 W.I.P.

Today I've been working on a weekly challenge put on by The brief is as follows:

1. Design and draw a Timber Harvester!
2. It must be able to cut down the trees and process them up to a certain point, so that it can be transported.
2. That's it... now draw!

I've included some process shots -- the colored image is not finished -- there will be two wood harvesting devices on the ends of the arms, as well as other details and a bottom view. This is all I could get to today.


DT said...

Some great concept sketches. Lots of energy. I like your final colored sketch with the container on the back. Very appropriate.

Dave said...

Love the robot on the shipping crate, I love how it is something we know, the shipping crate, with a sick bug like robot. Usually in these diagrams we have no idea the size, but because it is a shipping crate we immediately know the scale!!