Friday, February 1, 2008

Mini-Comic cover

I'm in a mini-comics class right now, and our first assignment was to make a portfolio book of recent work. The actual goal for the project was to practice reproducing and binding books, but it needed content as well. Anyway, the night before it was due I remembered I needed a cover -- so here's what I came up with.

There are no space marines in the entire comic... in fact, it's not really even a comic at all. I had a laugh making the cover though.


L said...

thats freakin great. made me giggle like crazy. ;p

Ross said...

Awesome work, man.

I am drawing/painting everyday, and your work is part of my direction. When I look at your work, I say to myself "I am aiming for that level. I know that guy, and if he did it, I can and will do it too." Inspirational.

Keep them updates coming, please!

Anonymous said...

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