Monday, February 18, 2008

Dominance War III

Yesterday was the beginning of Dominance War III, which is an annual game art competition. I'm on the GameArtisans team. The prompt can be seen in full detail here, but in short it's a fantasy warrior/mage design. Here are my thumbnails and character roughs. Here's what that means for my process:

1)thumbnailing - rough small drawings in photoshop - prodominantly black.

2)thumbnail variations -- I find one that I like and make a bunch of copies. From here, I alter it until I find one that I like.

3)character rough -- I take my favorite little image from the last stage, enlarge it, and fill it with more details. At this point I'm trying to think about form, mass, and materials. Still very loose and painterly.


Yukiko Adachi said...

I like the thumbnail variations.
It's always interesting to see how a piece develops.

Ross said...

It's cool to get some insight into your process. Cool beans.